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Growing Number of Surgical Errors Drive Patients to Seek Legal Counsel

Growing Number of Surgical Errors Drive Patients to Seek Legal Counsel

By on Feb 1, 2016 in Medical Law, Personal Injury Law |


We’ve all heard the jokes about the old surgeon who accidentally dropped his watch inside a patient’s abdomen during surgery. Unfortunately, missing instruments is actually a real problem in America’s operating rooms and far too often, surgical errors leave patients with serious injuries or even fatal complications. Studies have shown that 34% of recent medical malpractice cases were related to surgical errors.  While many individuals may recover from these mistakes, what should a family do if their loved one does not recover?  What happens if your loved one dies because of the surgical error, or other medical malpractice issues?  If this happens, the first thing that you should do would be to contact a wrongful death attorney.  This professional will know exactly what to do for you and your family.

Your loved one may have passed away because of improper procedures.  This happens with a medical professional does not obtain the proper consent for a specific treatment.  Another time that this could happen would be if the professional does not provide treatment in the proper amount of time.  A New York wrongful death attorney will be able to go through the facts related to your case and help you identify what steps you should be taking next.

Prescription drugs errors are another leading cause of death in the medical field.  If your loved one passed away because a medical professional did not administer the correct amounts of medication, or they did not administer the correct medications at all, you might have a good case at a lawsuit.  Believe it or not, you may even have a case if a pharmacist made the mistake.  If you are not sure what to do in these situations then you should speak with a professional New York wrongful death attorney.

There are a lot of individuals believe that they only need a wrongful death attorney if their loved one died because of a surgical error.  The fact of the matter is, you may have a case if the complications were the result of inadequate care once the surgery was over.  This can be difficult to prove.  That is why you should work with a professional attorney in order to help you prove your case.  They understand the laws and they fully understand what research is needed to prove medical malpractice.

Finally, if your loved one passed away because they were misdiagnosed you should definitely consider speaking with a professional.  What you have to remember is that your loved one may have been saved if they had received the proper medical treatment.  They did not get the treatment that they needed because the doctor did not diagnose them properly.  You will want to contact an attorney and speak with them about your case to determine what steps should be taken.

In the end, these attorneys deal with cases like this all of the time.  They know what they are looking for, and they know how to get information from the medical professionals that might be at fault.  This is certainly not something that you can do on your own.  You must rely on a professional to help you sort everything out.  The sooner you contact an attorney the sooner you can put the situation behind you.